Peter Pan Baby Nurseries

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The story of Peter Pan is about innocence, discovery, and youthful adventure. So what better theme for a baby nursery? It's a classic tale that has been retold many times, and for good reason. It can connect people and generations, all wishing to return to a past … [Continue reading]

Star Wars Baby Nurseries

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Are you an avid Star Wars fan? Want your baby to be one, too? Then what better excuse do you need to create a Star Wars baby nursery? Take a look at some of the best out there and glean the best ideas for your own design.   Feeling inspired? Which one was your … [Continue reading]

Mint and Lavender Baby Nurseries

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A great modern color palette for your baby's nursery is mint and lavender. Take a look for yourself:   Which one … [Continue reading]

Fox Baby Nurseries

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The song "What does the fox say" has inspired something of a fox obsession. No space is safe from fox decor, including the baby nursery. But no one is … [Continue reading]

The Prettiest Pastel Nurseries

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It doesn't have to be Easter-time to enjoy pastels, especially when it comes to baby nurseries. Just take a look at these beautifully soft pastel … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Baby Bedding of the Month!

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It's not easy choosing a favorite baby bedding set. They're all so adorable! This month, I've decided on this gorgeous and fun bedding: What do … [Continue reading]

Mustache Baby Nurseries

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The mustache has grown in popularity in recent years. Yes, more men are growing mustaches, but the mustache image is everywhere – from women’s bathing … [Continue reading]

Ballerina Nurseries

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Ballerinas are about grace, beauty, elegance, and the color pink! So what's more appropriate for your little girl's nursery? Just take a look at these … [Continue reading]

Create Your Own Candy Land Nursery

Photo Credit: Baby Lifestyles

Remember the hours you spent playing Candy Land as a child? Remember the bright colors and all the pictures of delicious candy? That childhood board … [Continue reading]

Pink and White Striped Nurseries

Photo Credit: Project Nursery

Looking for something sweet, classic, and modern for your baby's nursery? Why not sugary-sweet pink and white stripes? When done right, it's gorgeous. … [Continue reading]