Color Obsession – Coral

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The color coral has been popular for quite a while now, and it isn’t going away any time soon. It’s a beautiful, fun color for all ages, and that includes for babies. If you’re not obsessed like we are, you’re about to be. Take a look at these gorgeous coral items for your baby’s nursery. 1. … [Continue reading]

Silhouette Art in Your Baby’s Nursery

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What do you think about silhouette art? Love it or hate it? Personally, I think it's darling. It can add a bit of interest and emotional depth to your baby's space. And imagine how darling your baby's own silhouette would look above the crib. And perhaps on either side of that you could put the … [Continue reading]

The Best Blackout Shades for Your Baby’s Nursery

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Does your baby sleep best in darkness? Or does your child wake up too easily during nap time because of the sunlight streaming through the windows? … [Continue reading]

Black and White Toile Bedding

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What do you think of this bedding for a baby's nursery? … [Continue reading]

2 Essentials for a Nursery Inspired by Disney’s Frozen


Disney's Frozen is an adorable story, but it also has a beautiful message. So why not use it as the theme for your baby nursery? And you only need two … [Continue reading]

Finding the Right Space for Baby

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You don't have to have a whole bedroom just for your newborn baby. And you don't have to necessarily move or renovate your home Honestly, any space … [Continue reading]

Decorating with Washi Tape

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Washi tape is decorative tape from Japan. If you’ve even looked at Pinterest recently, you’ve undoubtedly seen decorating ideas using this exciting, … [Continue reading]

Create a Travel-Themed Nursery

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If you want to design a nursery that stands the test of time, you’ll need to avoid decorating fads and stick to a classic theme. What’s more classic … [Continue reading]

Keeping Your Children Safe – Best for Kids Certifcation

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Ensuring your children's safety is undoubtedly your #1 priority. Wouldn't you have more peace of mind knowing that the products in your home are … [Continue reading]

Favorite Baby Bedding of the Month – Teal and Pink

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What do you think of this crib bedding? It's one of my favorites. … [Continue reading]