Quality Bedding Can Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Why do babies cry? There are the obvious answers. The baby is hungry, or the baby has a diaper in need of attention, or the baby is teething. Of course another possibility is that the baby might be sick. And then of course the baby could be crying because of separation anxiety.

Not that I’m an expert on babies, but I was pretty confident that I had come up with every possible reason a baby would cry. I was recently quite surprised to learn of another very basic, and quite possibly, very common other reason for the crying. It all boils down to the same common denominator as the reasons above. That reason is very simply, comfort. Specifically I am referring to comfort in the crib. Comfortable baby bedding is as important to the baby’s happiness as any other sensory input that you can think of. Indulge me for a minute, and you’ll see what I mean.

My best friend and his wife recently had a baby, so we naturally wanted to send a gift. My wife, who is an expert in the fine art of shopping, told me not to worry, she would handle the gift thing. Fine by me. She decided that a crib set would be a cool gift, and she knew from where she would buy it. On-line from a site she had used once before, Bedding.com. Fine by me. As it turns out, it was better than just fine. Jojo Designs All Star Bedding Set

Naturally I paid attention to the gift details only enough to be able to recognize what we sent, in the event that my friend ever mentioned it. It was a JoJo Designs All Star Sport 9 piece baby bedding set. Not only did my friend, we’ll call him Rick, mention it, he raved about it. Rick proceeded to tell me that the crib set was a life saver.

Apparently the baby bedding set that they had been using, also a gift, from “no-names please”, was not that comfortable, and Rick’s baby spent much of the night crying. He and his wife couldn’t figure out why. They checked diapers, they tried feeding the poor little guy, took his temperature, all to no avail. They would pick the baby up and hold him, and he’d fall asleep. But invariably, within 30 minutes or so, he’d be up crying.

So anyway, it came time to change the baby’s sheets, and the All Star crib set made its debut. I’m sure you can guess what happened. The baby slept, except when he was hungry, or had a diaper in need of attention. The micro suede and cotton material used in the bed set was so comfortable, even a baby could sleep on it.

The moral of the story is, babies need comfortable bedding to help them sleep better at night. It can really make a huge difference in the amount of sleep they get, which helps you get more sleep as well.

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