3 Exciting, Modern Trends for Your Baby’s Nursery

Photo Credit: Bedding.com

Photo Credit: Bedding.com

New fashion trends come and go so quickly that they can be difficult to keep track of. Sometimes it seems that as soon as you start in on a trend, it changes and your wardrobe is instantly outdated. Luckily when it comes to baby nursery, the trends have more longevity, but just as much creativity, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your baby’s nursery constantly up-to-date. There are new decorating and color trends each year, so if you’re having a baby this year, here are some trends to consider as you get together your nursery:

Mixed Prints

This nursery trend coincides with the same fashion trend: mixing prints. The general rule for mixing prints is to have one dominant print and one recessive print, like bold, bright flowers, with light, thin stripes. The recessive print acts as an accent to the bold, dominant print. The same rule applies to mixing prints with baby bedding. However, if you want to be even more experimental, don’t be afraid to mix two bold patterns. If done right, it can work wonderfully, creating an impressively unique nursery.

Homemade with Love

With the widespread acceptance and excitement revolving around Pinterest, parents everywhere can now find step-by-step tutorials for making almost anything, from paper chandeliers to hang above the crib or cardboard or wood letters covered in matching scrapbook paper to painting a nursery mural or taking a plank of wood and making a customized height chart. DIY has never been more accessible, especially when it comes to nurseries. While it’s more work to make or repurpose everything yourself, you can rest assured that no one else will have a nursery exactly like yours.

Elegant and Sophisticated

No longer are you expected to douse your nursery in baby pink or powder blue. Times have changed. Now a baby space that is elegant and sophisticated is what’s trending. You can expect to see gray and black covering the rooms, glass chandeliers above the crib, and even antique furniture used as changing tables. A nursery like this could make changing diapers stylish.

Keep an eye out for new nursery trends throughout the year. They are bound to build off of each other in remarkable ways, creating even more inspiring trends. The nursery has morphed into a fashionable sanctuary for the entire family, with colors, patterns, and décor to match every personality.


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