The Best Blackout Shades for Your Baby’s Nursery

Does your baby sleep best in darkness? Or does your child wake up too easily during nap time because of the sunlight streaming through the windows? The best solution, which will ensure your baby gets his or her best sleep, is a blackout shade.

Any blackout shade will work in blocking out the majority of light. However, sometimes there is light coming through the sides, creating a halo effect. To avoid it, opt for the 3/8″ Double Cell Blackout Slumber Shades. They have a track system on the sides of the shades that keep it closed as tightly as possible, with no light seeping through. For 100% light blockage, these are the shades for your baby’s nursery.

And if you sleep best in complete darkness, too, why not get some for your own room?

blackout 1

blackout 2

blackout 3

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