Favorite Bedding of the Month – Classic Red and White

If you like a more classic look instead of something too trendy, you’re going to love this baby bedding set.

jan bedding 3

3 Baby Bumpers to Make You Drool

Here are our 3 favorite baby bumpers. Which one makes you drool the most?

bumper 1 bumper 2 bumper 3

Favorite Baby Bedding of the Month – Green and Gray

This green and gray crib bedding could work with boys or girls. What are your thoughts on it? Do you love it or hate it?


Lavender and Black Crib Bedding – Love it or Hate it?

Do you love or hate this lavender and black baby crib bedding? There’s something charming about it, no?


Paddington Bear Nursery Bedding – Love it or Hate it?

Who doesn’t love Paddington Bear? Love it or hate it?


Airplane Crib Bedding – Love it or Hate it?

What do you think of this airplane crib bedding? Love it or hate it?

airplane bedding

Spring-Inspired Nursery Bedding Sets

Nothing’s cuter than spring-inspired decor in a baby’s nursery. Here are our favorite bedding sets for your baby’s crib. Prepare to drool.

spring nursery 1 spring nursery 2 spring nursery 3 spring nursery 4 spring nursery 5

Which one is your favorite?

Favorite Baby Bedding of the Month – Gender-Neutral Blue and Orange

What do you think of this month’s featured baby bedding?


Battle of the Frog Baby Bedding

Which frog bedding wins this battle? Which one is the cutest?

frog 1




frog 2

Animal Print Baby Bedding

Animal prints can be a classic addition to any space, including a baby nursery. One of the many great things about animal print is that it’s versatile. It can be both traditional and modern. So, no matter the style of your baby’s nursery, including animal print in the decor will be a sure fit! Here are just a few of your options when it comes to baby bedding. Get ready for a cuteness overload.

animal print 1

animal print 2

animal print 3

Which one was your favorite?