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fb_selectblinds_laborday_2016’s 2016 Labor Day Sale has begun, and it’s only here for a limited time. But it’s really the perfect time to finally upgrade the window coverings in your baby’s nursery. And the great thing about is that everything is cordless. That means you don’t have to worry about the danger of window covering cords. Instead, you get peace of mind.

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Super Organized Baby Nursery Inspiration

Children room with toys blue


Organization is sometimes key to retaining your sanity, especially if you’re a parent. Everything has a place and everything in its place. The nursery pictured above is proof of that. Look how clean and refreshing it looks and feels. Of course, you can’t expect it to look this way all the time. After all, you want to experience joyful and playful time with your baby, but it still doesn’t hurt to have a foundation of organization.

What do you think of the above nursery? How have you organized your own baby’s nursery?

Beautifully Painted Cribs

Looking for the perfect ready-made crib can be difficult. And for some, it’s even impossible. Instead of looking for that perfect color to go with the nursery design, paint the crib yourself. Here are some great examples of beautifully painted cribs.

Children's bed

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Baby crib



What better way to find the perfect hue than to paint the crib yourself? Feeling inspired? Show us your painted crib in the comments!

7 Easy Changes for Improving Your Baby’s Sleep

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

As a parent of a baby, quality sleep can seem like a myth. One way to improve your own sleep is to first improve your baby’s. You’ll still need to wake up for feedings and the changing of diapers, but the time in between can be filled with rejuvenating sleep, for the both of you. All it takes is seven easy changes to improve your baby’s rest so you can enjoy yours.

Change #1 – Blackout Shades

For both bedtime and naptime, blackout shades can keep your baby’s nursery cool and comfortable in the summer and calm and peaceful throughout the entire year. Blocking outside light will limit distractions, helping your baby go to sleep and stay asleep. When purchasing blackout shades, make sure to choose a cordless option, keeping the nursery calm, comfortable, and safe for your baby. However, be aware that using blackout shades during naptime can sometimes confuse your child’s understanding of nighttime and daytime, potentially making it more difficult to sleep during the day without blackout shades. But the final choice of when to use blackout shades is up to you. Not all shades are created equal, however. But these blackout shades block out 98% of outside light, allowing that 2% to give a sliver of light, which can help alleviate disorientation. They are also insulated, so they will keep the nursery cool or warm, depending on the season, and even block sound from outside.

Change #2 – White Noise Machine

Babies are easily startled by sudden noise, whether it’s a creak in the crib mattress or the sound of a garbage truck collecting the trash outside. White noise provides a consistent stream of soothing sounds, which helps both babies and adults stay asleep and unaware of many startling noise. Instead of using a white noise machine, you can opt for a fan or even playing calming music. Experiment with different sounds and see which one your baby responds to the best. But make sure to try each one out for a few days before switching. It can take that long to adjust to new noise, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be an effective tool for encouraging a sounder, deeper sleep.

Change #3 – Be Consistent

Consistency can be one of the hardest parts of parenting. Even so, bedtimes and naptimes should generally follow the same routines. That means putting the child down to sleep around the same time. But that isn’t always easy, especially if you’re away from home during naptime. Changing sleep environments can make it difficult to find a great sleeping routine, and a disruption in that routine could wreak havoc for a few days. However, if you stay consistent, your baby will get back on the right sleeping schedule eventually.

Change #4 – More Active Daytime

Make your baby’s days as active as possible. Just as with adults, the more active and the more energy you use during the day, the better you generally sleep at night. The same idea applies to your baby. Play and interact with your baby more throughout the day. Organize a baby play-date and let them crawl around together and interact. If you have pets who are baby-friendly, supervised play sessions might be the perfect way to make sure your baby uses all the stored energy.

Change #5 – Watch What You Eat

If you’re breastfeeding, make sure to avoid caffeine and other food and drinks that might be making it hard for your baby to sleep. If your baby is eating food, make sure to avoid foods that make her gassy at naptime and bedtime. Stomach discomfort might end up making your baby fussy rather than sleepy.

Change #6 – Baby Massages

Gently massage your child’s feet, legs, tummy, and arms about fifteen minutes before bedtime. This can help your baby relax even more, and it provides a nice physical connection for the two of you. Baby massages is another great thing to add to any nighttime or bedtime routine.

Change #7 – Limit Interruptions

Simply opening your child’s bedroom door can be enough to wake her up. If you don’t need to go in there, don’t. One easy way to avoid unnecessary sleep interruptions is to invest in a baby monitor. A great option is a video monitor, so you don’t have to just rely on sounds. You can easily make sure your baby is safe, sleeping, and comfortable without risking disrupting her sleep.

Quality sleep is a main staple of our physical and emotional health and happiness, no matter our age. While your baby’s sleep is important, you can’t forget about yourself. If you can instill healthy sleep habits from an early age, it has the potential to benefit your baby for many years, if not for the rest of her life. After all, you’re not just raising a baby. You’re raising a beautiful human being, one day and night at a time.

4 Cutest Accent Walls in a Baby Nursery

Add a little oomph into your baby’s nursery with an accent wall. Make it as bold or as subtle as you’d like, but no matter what you choose, make it unique. Just like any other room in the house, an accent wall draws the eye right to it, so make it count! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Stripes


Even though these stripes are bold, they’re also soft because of the color choices. This is the type of design that could just as well as your baby grows up. There’s something both classic and modern about this design.

2. Oversized Dots


The sporadic sampling of oversized dots is charming. It gives it a fun, eclectic vibe, and it’s an easy way to incorporate all your favorite colors.

3. Consistent Pattern

Nursery with a bed

This bright, consistent pattern is definitely the star of the show. It’s fun, lively,and full of personality.

4. Cartoony Charm


Isn’t almost reminiscent of Toy Story? Love the cartoony charm of this accent wall. And really, you could use this same idea for any object, not just clouds, and it would be just as cute.

Decorating a Baby Nursery with Keys

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Antique and skeleton keys are beautiful. Using them in decorating can bring a sophisticated, classic feel to any space. And if you’re looking to create a special type of baby nursery, consider decorating with keys. One of the beautiful things about choosing a unique theme or decorating inspiration is that you get to create something new and extraordinary. After all, your baby’s nursery should be as special as they are. Here’s what you need to get started:

1. Key Wind Chime

Not only is making a key wind chime cheap and easy, you can make it colorful and fun. Hang it outside the nursery window and let the magical chime of keys lull your baby to sleep.

2. Key Baby Mobile

You don’t have to have a Harry Potter theme to enjoy a winged key baby mobile. These are also easy to make and it will create a magical atmosphere for your baby.

3. Key Wall Decor

All you have to do is get some skeleton keys and paint them. And now you have a color addition to add to your baby’s nursery.

4. Key Wall Decals

Make decorating easy with giant key wall decals. They’re cute, easy, and generally affordable. And it’s great if you’re renting because you can just peel them right off when you’re done with them.



Finding the Right Space for Baby

You don’t have to have a whole bedroom just for your newborn baby. And you don’t have to necessarily move or renovate your home Honestly, any space would work. The trick is finding the right space for you and your baby. Sometimes all you need is a little alcove. If your home doesn’t have a natural alcove, you can easily create your own with how you place furniture and other decor. Take a look at this beautiful alcove made into a baby nursery.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr