4 Cutest Accent Walls in a Baby Nursery

Add a little oomph into your baby’s nursery with an accent wall. Make it as bold or as subtle as you’d like, but no matter what you choose, make it unique. Just like any other room in the house, an accent wall draws the eye right to it, so make it count! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Stripes


Even though these stripes are bold, they’re also soft because of the color choices. This is the type of design that could just as well as your baby grows up. There’s something both classic and modern about this design.

2. Oversized Dots


The sporadic sampling of oversized dots is charming. It gives it a fun, eclectic vibe, and it’s an easy way to incorporate all your favorite colors.

3. Consistent Pattern

Nursery with a bed

This bright, consistent pattern is definitely the star of the show. It’s fun, lively,and full of personality.

4. Cartoony Charm


Isn’t almost reminiscent of Toy Story? Love the cartoony charm of this accent wall. And really, you could use this same idea for any object, not just clouds, and it would be just as cute.


  1. […] Last but not least, this nursery wall features a series of hanging clouds that form a bold yet whimsical pattern against the aqua wall. The photo appears to be a 3D rendering, and we’re loving the creativity it’s sure to inspire! [featured at Decorate 4 Baby] […]

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