5 Best Colors for Your Baby’s Room

Photo Credit: Bedding.com

Photo Credit: Bedding.com

Colors affect us, all of us. Colors speak to our brain and our emotions, and certain colors affect us in different ways, from feeling energetic to feeling anxious. So, picking the right color for your baby’s room, including wall color, accent colors, and a comforter for the crib, is important for your child’s immediate emotional health. After all, you want your baby to feel happy, comfortable, loved, and calm when he’s in his nursery. With that in mind, here are the five best colors to consider for your baby’s room:

Color #1 – Dark, Rich Orange: Not all oranges are created equal. Construction orange doesn’t give off the same vibe as burnt orange, so if you go with this color, make sure it’s the right hue and variation. Go for warm orange hues rather than florescent. Dark, rich orange gives off a friendly feeling, a feeling of being welcomed.

Color #2 – Light, Fresh Green: Sage is a great color for a nursery. It is calming and serene. Because green is everywhere in nature, you can pair it with any other colors that you also see in nature. It’s one of the most versatile colors. As your baby ages, a light, fresh green color can help him concentrate and open his mind up for effective learning.

Color #3 – Soft or Deep Purple: Jewel-toned purple is the color of luxury and rarity. But on the other side of the purple spectrum is lavender, which is calming, just like light green. Both color options work well for a baby’s room; it simply depends on the feeling you’re looking to capture.

Color #4 – Steely or Gentle Gray: Right now, gray is very popular. It’s a neutral, but it’s anything but boring. Gray is supposed to help us tap into our emotional, empathetic side. It’s also in the calming ranks with purple and green. With a nice, warm blanket, the right gray can provide a cozy feeling.

Color #5 – Bright, Happy Yellow: This color for baby nurseries is a classic color. Yellow is happy, fun, and energetic, great to capture the childlike spirit. There are a lot of great colors on the yellow spectrum, and lemon yellow works just as well as a deeper, darker yellow.

The science of color can be complicated, but if you’re considering these colors or any other colors, find a room that’s painted in that color and analyze how that makes you feel. That’s usually the best indicator for color. But also remember that color can sometimes affect people differently. Whatever feeling you want your baby to be around, there are many color options for each emotion. It all comes down to finding the right one.


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