How to Organize Baby Clothing

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Baby clothes are tiny, adorable, and hard to keep organized. Your baby is growing so quickly and clothes can fit one day and be too small the next. So how do you keep your baby clothing organized? If you need a little help, consider these methods:

Use Size Dividers

Just like in the store, use little plastic dividers to separate sizes, grouping the same sizes together. When your baby grows out of one size, you can remove that entire section of the closet and start building a new section filled with a bigger size, maybe one for a few months down the road.

Fill the Drawers

Hanging clothes is a great way to keep them organized, but you can’t hang everything. So, make use of drawer space. But if you throw the baby clothing into the drawer, it won’t take long before it’s disheveled. Simply put, use drawer organizers. Roll up those leggings and socks and keep them organized. It will make your life so much easier.

Make Use of Wasted Space

Use all the space you have. Your baby’s nursery will be less cluttered and your life will feel less chaotic. Store clothes your baby won’t grow into for a while under the bed. Put all the baby’s pajamas in an organizer on the back of the door. Most of the time these things will be hidden from view, so you can create a peaceful, clean feel to your baby’s space.

Put the Most Important Items Within Reach

While it may be nice to keep diapers and wipes in the closet, hidden from view, it’s not very practical. If you don’t want them out in the open, use bins or baskets to keep the room looking nice but still having easy access to the things you need most. When an emergency strikes, you’ll be glad they’re so close.

When your baby needs a quick wardrobe change, you’ll have everything you need—in the size you need—right at your fingertips. You may feel you live in a tornado, but your baby’s room doesn’t have to look like it. You never know; it may become your new favorite spot in the house.

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