A Nursery Fit for Royalty – Regal Decorating Ideas

Photo Credit: FreeImages.com

Photo Credit: FreeImages.com

Having a regal nursery, a nursery fit for royalty, is a few steps up from a glam nursery. It’s fun, and it’s dramatic. In fact, the more dramatic, the better. When designing and decorating your royal nursery, there are a few components you should consider using. Each piece on its own may not give off the royal vibe, but the combination can make it a powerfully consistent theme.

Dark Purple and Red – These colors aren’t the only ones that have historically represented royalty, but they’re two of the main ones. You could also use gold, dusty rose, or even luxurious grays. Color is one of the biggest contributors to any nursery theme, so make sure this is first in the planning process. Remember, color brings the proper mood. One easy way to implement royal colors is through the curtains or drapes. Imagine these drapes in “chenille damask cinnabar” hanging luxuriously behind your baby’s crib.

Crown Accents – This is a literal interpretation of a royal nursery, so use it sparingly. If crown accents, whether it’s in the artwork or tiny crowns as drawer pulls, are done in excess, it could come off as humorous instead of regally dramatic. Get creative with the placement of crowns and other royal symbols; just stay within a set limit.

Tufted Furniture – This is another aspect of a royal nursery that should be used sparingly. Not every piece of furniture should be tufted. Instead, make the main statement pieces or the accent pieces tufted, but not both. It can easily become distracting and overwhelming.

Ornate Statement Crib – The main focus of most nurseries is the crib, and the same goes for your royal inspiration. A four poster crib or a sleigh crib with metallic accents could make quite the statement, tying together the rest of the royal décor.

Overstated Light Fixture – You don’t have to go with a chandelier. Perhaps that’s too traditionally royal for your tastes. But any overstated, decadent light fixture can be the final touch to your themed nursery. Just make sure it’s complementary to the rest of the room. You don’t want to break up the feel of the room with the wrong style light fixture.

Tasteful decadence isn’t reserved for actual royals. It may seem impossible to be both tasteful and decadent, but you can find that balance. A few royal-inspired details can go a long way in creating the baby nursery of your dreams.

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