Bailey’s nursery project

Tree wall mural for nursery

In my opinion, the best part of preparing for a new baby is the nursery design. Last time I was pregnant, I lived in a rented apartment, so I could not do any painting. This time, we are now homeowners, so I was excited about adding a more personalized touch to my baby’s walls. After scouring internet websites, I decided to focus on a forest and animal theme.  My eleven year old daughter and I made a project out of painting a white tree on one wall. We were very happy with the result.. it kind of softened the room and added a touch of whimsy.

After choosing a new modern, two-toned crib from Walmart, I set about looking for a crib bedding set. I really wanted to base my color design on really cute nursery paintings my sister painted for me.

Mommy and baby animals nursery wall art

Cute, huh? 🙂

Here they are in the room:

Nursery Wall Art

I ended up using a cute homemade quilt that I was given, but I am still looking for new bedding that matches the colors in the nursery.  Here is one crib set I was looking at:

Owl crib set

I love the owls.. and the colors. And I think that would go well with the tree and the theme.  Anyone else out there have any ideas for me?

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