Glam Up the Nursery

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What baby nursery couldn’t use a bit of glam? If you want a dramatically beautiful nursery, glam might be the perfect style. Nurseries don’t have to be in bright colors and clunky accessories anymore. These days it’s all about shimmer, elegance, and sleek, stylish lines. Just a few touches of Hollywood flair and you’ll have a glamorous nursery at your fingertips.

Chandelier – Every glam nursery has to have a chandelier. It doesn’t have to be made out of real crystals, but it should give a similar feel to the room. If you want to mix it up a bit, go for a colorful chandelier or choose all black for a more serious glam look.

Drapes – You can’t simply have curtains or blinds for your baby’s glam nursery, you need to have luxurious drapes. Mixed with the chandelier, you’ll bring a touch of Old Hollywood to it. If you have dark baby furniture, opt for white pleated drapes for a dramatic effect.

Faux Sheepskin Rug – Add some fantastic texture with a faux sheepskin rug. These are generally budget-friendly, and you can find some for about $10 and up from IKEA. Not only will this rug look great, it will be a soft place for the baby to play as she grows.

Damask Print – What’s more glam for a print than damask? For a modern touch, use damask wallpaper for an accent wall. Or you could use pink and gray damask baby bedding to give the nursery some extra spark. Make it a bold contrast or add it as a soft accent.

Metallics – Add more visual interest to your glam nursery by adding metallics. You could go with metallic on the wall, furniture, or accessories. Choose bronze or gold for a warmer feel or silver or platinum for a fresher, modern touch.

Diamonds and Pearls – What’s more glamorous than diamonds and pearls? Hang some strands of pearls from the wall or over the lamp. Just a few diamond and pearl accents can bring the glam style to life.

Make your glam nursery your own. It’s really the small details that make a room, so make sure to incorporate subtle accents that drive the theme home. Create a nursery that Old Hollywood would adore.


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